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Online Integrative Health CE: The Missing Dental Connection is a Course

Online Integrative Health CE: The Missing Dental Connection

Sep 1, 2020 - Sep 1, 2022
8 credits

$369 Enroll

Full course description

This course is online only. It is a recorded, self-paced course.
Access Start Date: September 1, 2020
Course Length: 8 hour recorded material (8 CEUs).
Participants have 1 year access to materials

"This is an excellent course! Every ND should take this course, as it has incredibly important implications for systemic health and naturopathic medicine." -- ND student at Bastyr University

“I loved Dr. Rubin's passion for the subject and his teaching style, the images from his personal practice, and his passion to collaborate with [physicians]" - Previous course participant

Course Learning Objectives

  • Develop a practical knowledge of basic dental anatomy, physiology, pathology, and terminology
  • Understand some common dental procedures, their indications, their limitations, and some of the systemic implications
  • Understand the wide range of connections between oral/dental infections and systemic disease
  • Learn the perspective of “biological” dentistry vs “traditional” dentistry
  • Learn how the dentist and physician can work cooperatively to improve patient outcomes
  • Learn to recognize and screen for some signs of oral/dental pathology in your physical exam and patient questionnaire
  • Increase patient referrals from dental colleagues, and understand when to appropriately refer your patients for dental evaluation
  • Learn how to work effectively to support patient health in areas of mercury fillings, root canals, cavitations, periodontal infections and more
  • How to find and evaluate qualified biological dentists

Course CE Completion Requirements

  • You must complete the course materials within 1 year of purchase or course launch date (if purchased before the course is live).
  • You must complete the course exam with a 75% or higher to pass.
  • You must complete the course evaluation.
  • To receive a CE certificate, you must have a approved credential.

Approved for CEUS

  • NDs licensed in WA (pending AANP approval in other states)
  • MDs Category 3
  • RNs Category 3

About the Instructor

Dr. Paul Rubin, DDS, MIAOMT has been in private practice of holistic dentistry in the Seattle area for over 40 years. He  has networked with naturopathic physicians and other holistic health practitioners, and learned what is missing in their knowledge and training about the oral and systemic health connections and about dentistry in general. He has created this course to bridge that gap. He has taught this same course as a “live” elective class for clinic level ND students as well as practitioners at Bastyr for the last three years, where it received overwhelmingly positive reviews  He has worked for over three decades with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, where he has been awarded as both Fellow and Master of the IAOMT, and brings that experience and knowledge also to the content of this course.

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