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CommEd: Introduction to Yoga Nidra is a Course

CommEd: Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 17, 2023

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Course Details

Course Location
Bastyr University Kenmore, WA

Course Date & Time
Saturday June 17, 2023 (10:00am - 12:00pm)

About the Course

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness after deep relaxation where we can visualize and manifest how we would like this life to be - happy, calm, peaceful, healthy, successful, etc. Traditionally, we practice lying down in Savasana (corpse pose) for up to 60 minutes. Yoga Nidra elements can be incorporated into relaxation at the end of yoga practice. During a Yoga Nidra session, we release our consciousness from the ties, habits, and tendencies of the physical body and allow it to connect to the Greater Whole and the energy of the path we wish to live. In scientific terms, we build the neuropathways to the response we wish in our physical bodies. Regular practice of Yoga Nidra strengthens those pathways and guides the physical body to the life we wish and overall well-being. We become the conscious creator of our life. 

Course Learning Objectives & Goals

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of Yoga Nidra: what it is, why we do it and how it works.
  • Experience the power of Yoga Nidra to relax and recharge the subtle and physical body.
  • Know the principles and fundamentals necessary to incorporate Yoga Nidra elements into personal practice or yoga classes.

Course Completion Requirements (in order to receive a Certificate of Completion)

  • You must attend the full two-hour live course on campus
  • You must complete the course evaluation.

About the Instructor

Leslie Rowans.jpg

Leslie Rowans, MBA, MPM, CR, C.HT. is the owner and founder of Your Soul Healing Journey, an Integrative Holistic Health and Healing private practice that combines Eastern and Western approaches to healing, bridging ancient Yogic wisdom and practices with modern neuroscience for optimal health and well-being for your mind, body and spirit. 

Leslie is a Certified Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, a Yoga Nidra Practitioner, and she is a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit™, a trauma-informed set of eight body-focused practices that help to regulate the human nervous system in under a minute, restoring balance and harmony to the body and calming the mind.

A retired Health Science college professor, Leslie now devotes her time to her holistic health and integrative healing arts business located in the Bothell, WA area where she resides, specializing in stress management, energy healing and spiritual growth and development. She uses the IAM Amrit Yoga Nidra methods focusing on relaxation techniques for adults and children. Committed to sharing these teachings with her deep understanding, yet gentle approach, Leslie works with individuals, groups, organizations, and schools. She teaches classes, trainings, and workshops as well as leading retreats.


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