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CommEd: From Chaos to Contentment

Started Sep 26, 2023

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Full course description

The live version of this course has ended, but you may still register for this course to view recordings and gain access to the Digital Practice Journal and guided meditations. 

Course Details

Course Location 
This is a fully online asynchronous course. Weekly sessions are pre-recorded and can be viewed as many times as you'd like from anywhere with internet access.

Course Date & Time
The live sessions were recorded Fall 2023 and are available for viewing within the Canvas classroom.
Registration will remain open until September 1, 2024

Registrants have until September 16, 2024 to access course materials.

About the Course

It's no secret that our daily lives can at times become overwhelming, stressful, and even chaotic. Through this hybrid course, instructor Eliza Sage Meadows will guide you to rediscover access to pleasure and contentment and learn to draw from wisdom that already exists within yourself. 

Utilizing a combination of live guided coursework and daily self-practice, learn how to manage stress and reduce anxiety through:

  • Mindfulness practices specifically aimed to calm the nervous system
  • Meditation using different objects of awareness such as breath, body, and throughts
  • Learning to work with the concept of gratitude and loving kindness
  • Access to guided meditation recordings on Insight Timer to aid in your daily practice
  • Digital practice journal for reflection before, during and after your meditations

Modules Included

  • Module 1: Orientation to the Environment & Finding Ease Amidst Chaos
  • Module 2: Befriending the Body & Trust in the Breath
  • Module 3: Tranquility as a Path to Concentration & Body Scan
  • Module 4: Breathing In, Smile, Breathing Out, Let Go & My Thoughts Don't Define me
  • Module 5: Uncovering Gratitude & Loving Kindness

Course Learning Objectives & Goals

  • Understand the stress response of the sympathetic nervous system
  • Understand how to mitigate the stress response using sensory awareness skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow guided meditations on body sensations, thoughts, and emotions
  • Integrate the learning experienced during meditation through personal journaling

About the Instructor

Eliza Sage Meadows, LMHC, CN is Bastyr's "Psychology Pioneer", having graduated from both the first bachelor's program in psychology that Bastyr offered (2000), and later the inaugural master's degree in nutrition and psychology (2007). She is now a licensed mental health counselor, certified nutritionist, Organic Intelligence Coach(tm), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and is certified to teach the widely known Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (tm) courses. She believes wellness is defined by how deeply we honor the authentic expression of our true nature. Her goal as a helper is not to “make you better” but to help you discover that which makes you feel more alive. While Eliza maintains professional licenses in both WA and NC and spends most of her professional time doing one-on-one sessions either virtually or in her downtown office in Asheville, NC, she also hosts a live weekly guided meditation group on the app, Insight Timer, and participates in other virtual or live teaching engagements when she can.


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